Lifestyle Advice

Physical Activity Advice
Physical inactivity is one of the greatest Risk Factors for a wide variety of Health Conditions.  Through discussion, we can develop various strategies to help you to integrate more Physically Active throughout your day.  Simple options for becoming more active include taking the stairs instead of an elevator, walking to and from work or getting off public transport a stop earlier.

Exercise Advice
If you are looking to start Exercising more, I can advise you about what type of exercise would best suit you for your current level of ability, and direct you towards ways of achieving your specific goals, which may include increasing your Aerobic Fitness, Strength or Performance.

Weight Management Advice
Managing your weight is a great way to help with a variety of Musculoskeletal conditions and other Health concerns.  If losing weight is one of your goals, we can develop a plan for you that will help you get there.


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