Sports Injuries

Returning you to your sport as quickly as possible is always a top priority, but it is also improtant to return safely.  Appropriate rrehabilitation can ensure a full return to sports and a reduced risk of future injury.

Sports Injuries can be divided into two main categories, Non-Contact Injury and Contact Injury.

Non-Contact Injury
These are related to Biomechanical, Training and Environmental factors which can increase Risk of Injury.  Approximately 70% of ACL injuries are Non-Contact in nature.  Rehabilitation focuses on gradually restoring the tissue’s ability to withstand load and assisting healing, while also addressing the risk factors that first lead to the injury so you can return to your sport with a higher level of confidence.

Contact Injuries
The trauma from an outside force, like tackling or being tackled, can cause tissue injury.  Rehabilitation consists of ensuring that you develop appropriate movement, strength and flexibility, and ensuring that you don’t develop any inappropriate compensations or avoidance patterns.  Progressive rehabilitation will assist healing of the damaged tissue to increase its ability to withstand greater load, while partaking in Sport Specific Activities to ensure a full return to skill and function.


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