Running Related Injuries

Being sidelined from running due to pain and injury can be a frustrating matter, but there are many things you can do to help speed up your recovery.

Most Running Injuries are caused by Repetitive Overuse and are Non Traumatic.  They are typically due to a combination of Biomechanical Factors and Training Errors.

Biomechanical Factors
Changes in your Biomechanics can occur as a result of Previous Injury, Lack of strength or Control or Poor Flexibility.  These changes can alter the way in which your body coordinates itself and interacts with the ground when running.  This may negatively affect your running performance, but can also lead to Discomfort and Pain from overuse.

Training Errors
It is important not to rush the progress of your training before you are ready.  It is all too common for runners to develop an injury after a change in their Intensity or Distance of running.  A quick and easy guide to reducing risk of Injury is the 10% Rule – do not increase your total distance by more than 10% in one week.  This will ensure that the exercise load does not exceed body’s your capacity to adapt.  This along with other training adaptations can help return you to a suitable level of training as soon as possible.


Treatment is aimed at correcting any Biomechanical errors relating to your Injury, Improving Running technique and ensuring that you Return to Training in a safe and effective manner so as to avoid relapse of injury.

Common Running Injuries include:
Plantar Fascia Pain
Achilles Pain
Runner’s Knee
ITB Pain
Patella Tendinopathy
Shin Splints
Tightness of Hip Flexors; Hamstrings; Calf
Side Stitch


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